Gran Canaria Highlights

Together we'll explore the most beautiful valleys of Gran Canaria, travelling via Telde, the ancient aboriginal capital of the island, to Arucas, where we visit the unique “modern gothic” church, and the rum distillery with the biggest vaults in Europe (tasting is of course included!).  Climbing up through the centre of the island, we have magnificent views of northern Gran Canaria and the city of Las Palmas.  In Teror, the pilgrimage site, we find the typical architecture of the island: balconies and basilica.  Hidden away, we find the green core of the island.  You'll discover deep valleys and stunning mountain views, described by the famous Spanish poet Unamuno as a “frozen tempest”, and naturally including the Roque Nublo and “El Teide”.  Once over the peak, we carry on past the almond trees of Ayacata, San Bartolome and the village of Fataga, known as the “Valley of the Thousand Palms”.  Return to the south of the island.